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Treating sick and injured pets with diagnostics.

At Dr. Norm's Westside Animal Hospital, our goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy. Thanks to modern diagnostics and our on-site laboratory, we're able to do just that for sick and injured pets.

Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital has a full laboratory to run all your pet’s tests in-house at our Panama City Beach vet clinic. Our state-of-the-art technology and facility allow us to have your pet’s test results while you wait. Our veterinarian team has access to some of the most advanced laboratory equipment to help find the underlying problems that are causing your pet’s health issues. We understand that time is of the essence and strive to get the prompt results you want and deserve.

Through these tests, our Panama City Beach animal clinic team can diagnose things such as anemia, infections, leukemia, organ failure, digestion issues, gastrointestinal problems, early signs of illness, and other complications within your pet’s internal systems. Routine checkups let Dr. Norm’s catch problems before they become a serious illness in pets and give us more treatment options.

Learn more about our diagnostic services here:

Cat & Dog Diagnosis

Pet Digital Radiology

Digital x-rays assist in diagnosing illness & injury.

Pet Ultrasound

A non-invasive way to diagnose sick & injured pets.

Pet Allergy & Dermatology

Diagnose and treat skin conditions.

Please call us today at (850) 708-1080 to learn more about our Diagnostic Services.

Dr. Norm's Westside Animal Hospital