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Pet Boarding

Your pet's home away from home.

Why not let them play while you are gone and away? Everyone has a busy schedule, and Dr.Norm’s members know their pets always have a home away from home here with us. When you need to drop them stay a few nights, Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital is the right place for you.

BoardingIf you are gone for more than just the day, Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital also offers boarding services. Your pets will be guaranteed to have a little quiet of their own, staying in our brand-new facility that opened in July 2021. It would be nice if our pets could travel with us, but unfortunately, that can’t always be the case. Dr. Norm’s boarding services will gladly help you travel by taking your pets while you are away. Enjoy your trip knowing your cat or dog is safe, comfortable, and loved by us. Your pets can have fun all day and sleep like a baby at night, right here at Dr. Norm’s.

Getting ready for a trip away is stressful and so can be dropping off your pets at boarding - We get it! Here at Dr. Norm’s Doghouse and Groomery, we believe in treating each and every pet as our own - so here are a few tips and tricks to make their stay as comfortable as possible before they even come through our doors!

Schedule a ‘trial-run’ stay: This gives us and you more of an idea of how your pet will react in a new place as each pet is different. When it comes time for the actual boarding reservation, we’ll know exactly how to make your pet as comfortable as possible and what to expect! 

  • Some pets could be overstimulated by a new environment and lose interest in their food
  • Stress colitis - loose stool, vomiting, or a small amount of blood in their bowel movements can happen; luckily we have medications on hand to help calm their nerves and soothe their tummies

*If these clinical signs do not resolve in 24 hours - our veterinary staff will step in and contact you*

Keeping your pet comfortable:  Feel free to bring a favorite blanket or toy along with your pet! We do offer bowls, food, blankets, and cuddle pads for our boarding guests, but small comforts from home can help ease some separation anxiety and nerves.

Boarding Requirements:

  • Updated vaccines: DHP/Bordetella/Rabies and Fecal check (at least 2 weeks in advance)
    • This helps ensure the safety of not only your pet but also others who are staying at our facility
    • Vaccine records are required to be secured by our client care staff prior to any reservations being made
  • Medications
    • If your pet needs any medications, please be sure to bring them at the time of their check-in with clear instructions in the bottle labeled by their veterinarian.

What to Expect at Check-in:

If your schedule allows, please drop off boarding guests between 10:00 am - 4:00 pm so they have time to adjust and get their full 3-4 times outside to enjoy! A kennel technician will confirm their diet (from home or our facility food), medications, and any other medical concerns/medications at that time.

Please email your pet's medical records to us at prior to their stay.

$City pet boarding

Dr. Norm's Westside Animal Hospital